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Unveiling the Magic of Queens Hair Studio

Unveiling the Magic of Queens Hair Studio: Lorena Calvillo’s Expertise in Mission Valley Mall and the Brazilian Blowout Experience Welcome to the enchanted realm of Queens Hair Studio, where every strand tells a tale of beauty and sophistication. In this edition, we delve into the transformative artistry of Lorena Calvillo, set against the backdrop of […]

Revive Your Hair

Revive Your Hair: Discover the Perfect Hair Repair and Reconstruction Treatments at Queens Hair Studio in Mission Valley Mall Are you tired of dealing with dry, damaged, or dull-looking hair? Look no further than Queens Hair Studio in Mission Valley Mall, where you can discover the perfect hair repair and treatment solutions. Whether you’re in […]

Nanoplastia: The Secret to Beautiful Hair at Queens Hair Studio in San Diego, California – Meet Expert Stylist Lorena Calvillo!

Welcome to Queens Hair Studio in San Diego, California, where beautiful hair transformations are made possible through the magical technique of Nanoplastia. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, Queens Hair Studio is your go-to destination for exceptional hair care and styling. Led by the talented and experienced Lorena Calvillo, an expert stylist, the […]

Transform your hair in Queens Hair Studio: Experience Lorena Calvillo magic in her nanoplasty treatment.

In the heart of Westfield Mission Valley Mall, San Diego, lies a hidden gem that will transform your hair and leave you feeling like a Queen. Step into Queens Hair Studio and let the magic of Lorena Calvillo in Nanoplastia work wonders on your locks. With over 10 years of experience in the hair industry, […]

How to care for dyed hair

Coloring your hair is an investment that you should get the most out of. It doesn’t matter if you like natural looks or if you’re the type to try all the new color trends, it’s important to know exactly how to care for your hair. Although the main recommendation is to use salon dyes since […]

The Summer is coming

Summer is coming and with it the changes Do you have your hair with a dark base color and you want a change without going to the blondes we will be?  To continue with the color in your hair, I recommend the balayage style, which becomes the best ally because it does not require a lot of […]

Beautiful Summer Look

Would you like to look beautiful and youthful this summer? Here is the latest trend for this summer. The loose curls have become a hairstyle that has been in trend and is still in force today, they have become the sexiest aesthetic resource either in long cuts, medium and why not in small cuts giving […]

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